Unimog U500 White
Fully Equipped North American Model

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11 Front

22 Right

33 Right Rear

44 Middle Rear

55 Left Rear

66 Interior

77 Engine

88 Raised Cab

Dealer demonstration truck - only 500 mi put on by first owner

2005 Unimog U500 White

Long 154" Wheelbase, Model 405.230
Increased GVW to 33'000 lbs, front axle 15'900 lbs, rear axle 18'700 lbs.
6 cylinder Mercedes-Benz 906 turbo-diesel motor, 260 hp, 700 ft.lbs torque.
24-forward, 22-reverse speeds with Telligent® automated manual shifting (EPS).
Electro-Automatic Shifting [EAS].
Front PTO, 1-3/4" 6-spline shaft, 500-1'000 rpm, 201 hp, 1'030 ft-lbs.
Douple pump 2-circuit hydraulics with proportional valve.
4-valve double acting hydraulic lines in front, 2-valve double acting hydraulic lines in rear.
Hydraulic pressure lines in front, rear, and behind cab, with return lines to cab.
Front implement weight transfer.
VarioPilot left and right hand steering, 30 sec to change over.
395-85 R20 Michelin XZL tires, 70 mph rating.
Electronic Speed Limiter to 70 mph.
Front and rear differential locking axles.
Tipper Bed with removable sides and rear to make flat bed.
CTIS Central Tire Inflation System with hub caps.
18,650 miles, 580 engine hours on vehicle.

This Unimog appears to be well equipped for cold weather operation and snow-plow
use based on the installed optional equipment including heated windshield, Category 5
mounting plate with load adjuster, additional heater for pre-heating engine coolant to
engine and cab, block heater, raised headlights, rotating beacon, convex side mirrors,
rear and down mirror, working and crawler gears, air-suspended seats with headrests,
engine air heater, fuel pre-warmer, factory installed low tempertaure oil in steering
system and additional anti-freeze in coolant, wide fenders for snow chains, sea wax
anti-rust treatment, 500-1000 rpm PTO, and hydraulic lines everywhere!

Unimog U500 Specifications-
2005 U500 NA Technical Data including drawings with dimensions 19 pages
2005 U500 NA Standard Features and Specifications 5 pages
Datacard with Factory Options list included in this 2005 Unimog U500 NA Tipper, 1 page
Factory Options included in this 2005 Unimog U500 NA Tipper, 3 pages
2005 U500 NA Datacard 1 page

2005 U500 NA Factory Option List 86 pages
2005 U500 NA Long wheelbase drawing 1 page
2005 U500 NA Short wheelbase drawing 1 page

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