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Unimog owners and enthusiasts linked by an e-mail broadcast list throughout the world!


If you are an owner or enthusiast of Mercedes-Benz Unimogs subscribe to the Unimog Network Int'l (UNi) UNimail Mailing List, an international e-mail broadcast service.

UNimail has been in operation since June 1995 and has well over 300 subscribers worldwide. Presently the traffic on the UNimail list is 5-10 messages a day! UNimail members simply e-mail a message to the UNimail list. The automated mail program adds the acronym "UNi" to the Subject header. UNimail is then forwarded or broadcast to everyone on the UNimail list. UNimail members reply the same way and send their messages to UNimail. As more persons have discovered the list and found it fun and useful in relating to other Unimog owners and enthusiasts, the UNimail list has grown and become the centerpiece of the Unimog community. So get in on the fun, subscribe on-line today, and get to meet and know new Unimog friends on the Net!

General Information

The Unimail mailiing list, as most others, is operated by an automated mail program Majordomo. The Major responds to commands in email sent to him directly. The Major also screens email messages to the Unimail list and ocassionally bounces mail. Mail sent to mailboxes that are full or no longer valid generate replies to the administrator indicating a mail delivery problem. These addresses are then manually taken off of the mailing list. Messages sent from an address other than those on the mailing list will bounce. Addresses that fail to follow the Appropriate Use Policy are also removed from the mailing list. Remember this webpage address! If your email address stops receiving mail or your messages do not appear to be reaching the Unimail list, review the above causes. If necessary, subscribe again. The Major does not keep duplicate addresses, so if you are already subscribed you will receive a confirmation message to that effect. If you are not subscribed, or a first time subscriber, you will receive a welcome message. First time subscribers are encouraged to send an introductory message, so be prepared to tell us a little bit about yourself. It is of interest to UNimail members to know your location on the planet, what your interest and expertise is, and what type of Unimog you have or lust after.

Thank you for your interest and participation in UNimail.

Appropriate Use Policy

We generally do not have these types of problems, but just in case anyone wonders why this mailing list operates smoothly, here are basic principles to observe.

  • Send no advertisements, commercial messages or spam. Instead, list individual vehicles, parts for sale, or wanted Unimog items on the Unimog Exchange™.
  • Sign your messages with your real name, your location, and Unimog year and model. This will help in discussion and build your internet personality. Many persons put this information in a signature block limited to 3 lines.
  • Keep messages focused on the subject of Unimogs.
  • Keep your messages short. Trim "reply to" messages to essential text. Turn off html encoding in your mail program. Messages over 8 kb will bounce! 8 kb is about 4 pages of regular text.
  • Reply to the author of a message directly whenever possible, instead of the Unimail list. Especially for personal communication or replies of no interest to the rest of the mailing list.
  • Avoid sending "me too" messages that add no new information and content to the discussion.
  • Check the archives for basic questions and information - see below. Much material has already been covered and you will find and receive answers faster.
  • Send no personal attacks or engage in slamming. Everyone has an opinion, many are not based in fact.
  • Independently verify tips and suggestions, or before acting on any advice. Everyone is entitled to be wrong. You are the final arbiter and responsible for your own actions. Free opinions are often worth only what you paid for them.
  • Keep language clean and messages civil. This is a family oriented mailing list.
  • Do not send messages with the following words in the first 10 lines in the body of the message, they are interpreted by the automated mailing program as commands and will bounce the message: add me, address, approve, cancel, change, config, delete, me, get, help, index, info, lists, mkdigest, newconfig, newinfo, remove, passwd, sub, subscribe, uns, unsub, unsubscribe, which, who, writeconfig.
  • Do not send messages with the following words in the subject header the message, they are scanned by the automated mailing program as adminitrative commands and will bounce the message: cancel, change, help, request, subscribe, uns, unsubscribe, un-sub; as well as the following messages: autoreply, away from my mail, delivery confirmation, failed mail, non-delivery of, rcpt, receipt confirmation, returned mail, unable to deliver mail, undeliverable message.
  • Do not send photos or files to the UNimail list. Post these to a web page or one of the many free photo hosting services such as Yahoo. Afterwards send the web page address URL to the list with your comments. You are also welcome to submit photos and comments to the unimog.net/postcards section, or articles and contributions to the permanent Unimog.net collection - see submittals below.
  • Contact the mailing list administrator for help with the mailing list instead of annoying mailing list subscribers.
  • Above all, have fun!

Subscribe or Unsubscribe

To subscribe, start your regular email program, at work or office, that you wish to receive Unimail at.
Send a message to the Major at: majordomo@unimog.net
With the message in the text reading: subscribe unimail
Within minutes you will receive a message asking for your confirmation that you wish to subscribe. Simply "reply to" the message and make sure the confirmation code is in the text, then send it off.
The Major will now add you to the mailing list and send you a welcome message.
Messages can then be sent directly to the list at unimail@unimog.net.

To unsubscribe from the same mail program or address that you subscribed with,
Send a message to the Major at: majordomo@unimog.net
With the message in the text reading: unsubscribe unimail
If you are at another computer or writing from another email program, merely add the email
address to be unsubscribed, such as: unsubscribe unimail youraddress@yourdomain.com
The Major will then send a message to the subscribed to address asking for confirmation that you wish unsubscribe.
Simply hit "reply to" , make sure the confirmation code is in the text, and send it off.
That's it, it is easy!


Search Bruce Curtis' Unimail and MOG list archives.

Unimog Mailing Lists

  • UNimail, an International Unimog mailing list since June, 1995.
  • MOG, a mostly US traffic Unimog mailing list since November, 1997.
  • UAA, Unimog Association of the Americas club list since November, 1998.
  • Unimogs, a local US list since April, 1999.
  • Mog404, a Netherland list in the Dutch language since December, 1999.
  • NEmac, a North East US regional list since December, 1999.
  • Umog List, a small regional US mailing list since March, 2000.
  • Unimog-UK, a small United Kingdom based list since August, 2000.
  • RMM, mostly Rocky Mountain, Colorado, US mailing list since November, 2000.


Any material contributions, articles, photographs and adventure stories to UNi and the Unimog 4x4 Web page should be sent to webmaster@unimog.net or snail mailed to:

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