2003 Unimog U500 NA Tipper with Snow Cutter
Fully Equipped North American Model
Aebi Schmidt FS-105-265 extra-wide Snow Cutter Blower

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Aebi Schmidt FS-105-265 extra-wide Snow Cutter Blower

This Schmidt FS-105-265 is the BigMAXXTM, the largest and widest FS snow cutter-blower model with a larger 1'050 mm (41.3") diameter drum compared to the smaller FS-90 model 900mm (35.4") diameter drum. This snow cutter also is wider, 2'650 mm (104") compared to the standard narrow 2'450 mm (96") version. As such, clearing capacity is a big 1'600 metric tons per hour, that is 3,520,000 lbs per hour, or over 420,000 gallons by weight! Snow depth can be 1'000 mm (39") or higher.

The Schmidt FS-105 Snow Cutter-Blower is SOLD!
Also included in this offer, a bed mounted concrete counter-weight and a set of 4 tire chains.

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