Photos on the Unimog® Exchange

Photos attract buyers and engage their interest in your item.

You may want to post photos on one of the free photo web sites and submit the web address to the Exchange. The Exchange page offers two photo options.

FEATURE PHOTO The first option is the "feature photo", the little photo in the ad that you can click to see a larger view. To submit this, enter a web page address (example for the specific photo. We usually copy this photo and put it on the server. Often we crop it and reduce the size so that it loads faster. Anyway, if you email the photo it can also be loaded on the server.

The second option provided is a link to a "photo album" web page. To submit this, enter the http://... web address in the form. This adds the little camera PHOTO INFO at the end of the ad that you can click to see the photo album. Try clicking the camera on one of the other ads.

If you have a web page with photos and a detailed description of the vehicle or parts, enter the web address in the form. If you have photos in an album on a photo web site, enter the web address in the form. Here is a partial list of free photo hosting websites that are well behaved with no annoying pop-up windows or aggressive advertising.

Avoid using these websites with too much annoying junk, click-bait, and pop-ups!

Good luck!


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