Convertible time...

From The UNIMOG Journal, Issue 1/90, Mercedes-Benz AG © 1990


Open roof cars are 'in' again! That's really no suprise though, since driving under the open skies is such a wonderful feeling. It's enjoyed by young and old alike, and especially by young ladies, as Daniela Gabler, a journalism student from the Bavarian town of Eichstätt, informed us.

So, a convertible had to be found. But which make, which model? A Mercedes of course, no question about that!... But something a bit different to a normal Mercedes car: a good old Unimog 30 with an open softtop, because Daniela's "summer car" was not just to be a Unimog, but was to be a unique vehicle, very lively and great fun.

After an intense search, something appropriate was found: a "retired workhorse". "The Unimog 30, chassis number 411.110--921616, with 32 hp engine, had for a quarter of a century been faithfully and untiringly working in the state-run Hessian stud in Dillenburg, and then, in a rather roundabout way, it came to Bavaria to be brought back to life by us and to receive the care it deserves in its old age. A closer look under the bonnet revealed that the engine was still in good condition. The vehicle hads been well looked after and serviced. A new battery was installed, the engine was given a good pre-glow... and it worked. After a steam clean, it all looked quite respectable again."

"The brake system was taken apart, cleaned and put back in, then there was much needed oilchange and general lubrication, a few small parts were replaced and a spot of fresh paint added here and there: the vehicle looked like new once again! The major test, by the Federal Technical Inspection Authority, was then a mere formality for our springhtly veteran; a longed-for seal of approval was given straight away."

Everyone was delighted with the smart "convertible". And as you can see, Daniela enjoyed her outing to the country in the open two seater. She doesn't look bad in it either, does she... ?